Cressington 208carbon
High Vacuum Carbon Coater
Picture of 208carbon high vacuum coater

coater 208carbon with:-
thickness monitor MTM-10
The most advanced Carbon Coater with wide applications for TEM, SEM and microprobe techniques. The modular design permits rapid change between a variety of applications with optimised operation conditions.

    The main features are:-
  • Voltage controlled rod source gives multiple evaporation capability.
  • Automatic evaporation control gives ease of use in a busy environment.
  • Low cost thickness monitor gives reproducible results.
  • 80 l/sec turbo pump on a 150mm chamber gives very rapid pumpdown.
  • Reduces operating costs several ways:
    - No diffusion pump to leave on continuously.
    - No need for water cooling.
    - No need for LN2 (dry nitrogen gas optional).
  • Compact, space saving modern benchtop design.
Picture of complete 208carbon system
Evaporation Supply
Fully integrated electronic feedback-controlled power control. Current and voltage are monitored by sensor wires in the head where the evaporation source is part of the feedback loop. This gives the conventional rod fed source unusual stability and reproducibility. The evaporation source can be operated in "pulse" or automatic "continuous" modes. The pulsed mode, when used in conjunction with the optional MTM-10 thickness monitor, gives absolute control over the desired thickness of the carbon coating.
Specimen Chamber
Modular design to accept a range of attachments. Simple, rapid adjustment from long to short working distances. A unique HIGH-VAC, LOW-VAC pressure adjustment system utilizing a precision needle valve. A rotary-planetary specimen table with adjustable tilt that holds a wide variety of samples including 3/4" stubs for GSR. Special attachments for metal evaporation and shadowing, glow discharge and aperture cleaning are available. Picture of 208carbon with RPT stage
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The Cressington 208 is designed as a modular system to adapt to the many different needs demanded by modern EM sample prep techniques. The basic system can be fitted with different accessories to customize a specialist system for TEM (support films, shadowing, aperture cleaning, glow discharge, etc.) or SEM (high vacuum for microprobe or polished substrates - low vacuum for coarse or granular substrates) or both.

Picture of Auxiliary Power Unit with 208carbon

coater 208carbon with:-
rotary-planetary-tilt stage;
thickness monitor MTM-10;
metal evaporation accessory;
auxilliary power supply
Metal Evaporation
This compact, modular evaporation head is inserted through the 90mm port in the 208 top-plate. It uses tungsten filaments or baskets and has an integrated shutter mechanism. The tungsten filament is shielded from the rod source to minimize contamination.
Glow Discharge
The glow discharge unit is designed to remove hydrocarbons from TEM grids. All integrated design with it's own top-plate and table for holding the TEM grids.
Aperture Cleaning
The aperture cleaning accessory is a separate unit with integral top-plate. The apertures are held in a molybdenum or platinum boat which is heated to remove contamination.

Picture of Auxiliary Power Unit and accessories

auxilliary power supply with:-
aperture cleaning accessory;
metal evaporation accessory;
glow discharge accessory
Auxiliary Power Unit
The Auxilliary Power Unit is designed to operate the Metal Evaporation, Aperture Cleaning or Glow Discharge accessories under optimum conditions. It has digital power control/timer for reproducibility and ease of use. The unit supplies high voltage for the Glow Discharge and low voltage for the Metal Evaporation and Aperture Cleaning accessories.
It features an innovative "smart cable" which configures the power unit to the correct parameters for the fitted accessory.
The power unit also protects the Metal Evaporation or Aperture Cleaning accessories from over temperature and vacuum safety interlocking is incorporated with all accessories.