Cressington CFE-60
Desktop Freeze Fracture
& Etching System
Picture of CFE-60 system

Cressington CFE-60 with:-
308R desktop pump station;
freeze fracture chamber;
airlock sample loading;
airlock carbon source changing;
pumpable sample stage dewar;
1µm advance microtome;
viewing windows & etc;
(not illustrated:-
EB power supply;
temperature controller;
stage rotation control;
thickness monitors;
The CFE-60 is the worlds most advanced freeze fracture apparatus. It combines the highest specification with maximum versatility. The adaptability of its modular construction makes it an outstanding research machine. Its simplicity of use makes it a true multi-user apparatus.

    The main features of the system are:-
  • Desktop turbo pumped vacuum system.
  • Microprocessor sequence controller gives ultra-clean, high speed pumping.
  • Sophisticated cryo-shielding gives contamination free replicas.
  • Pumped dewar gives stage temperatures down to -200°C, (for grain free Pt).
  • Rotary and uni-directional shadowing by Pt, Pt/C or W/Ta.
  • 1200W automatic power unit gives reproducible multi-shot W/Ta shadowing.
  • Accurate stage control gives precise etching depths.
  • Airlocks for sample changing, knife changing and carbon source changing.