Cressington 208carbon

High vacuum
carbon coater

Chamber size
150mm Ø (5.9")
Variable height, 165mm - 250mm (6.5" - 9.8")
Evaporation source
Bradley type (6.15mm Ø rods)
Heavy duty stainless steel construction
Evaporation supply
Microprocessor based
Feedback loop controlled with remote current/voltage sensing
Safety interlocked
Variable, 135A max. with over-current protection
Sample stage
Static table holds 12 SEM ½" stubs
Height adjustment through 60mm
Optional rotary-planetary-tilt stage (view photo)
Analogue metering
Vacuum, dual range
Atm - 0.001mb

1x10-3mb - 5x10-6mb
Current, 0- 200A
Control method
Automatic evaporation control using programmed voltage and timer
Full manual override with pulsed or continuous operation
Digital timer, 1 - 30 seconds
Digital voltage setting, 0.1 - 5.5V
Automatic vent
Thickness monitoring
Optional, MTM-10 only
Pumping system
Turbo/rotary pump combination
Pumping speed
80 litres/sec
Pumpdown time
1.5 min. to 1x10-4mb
Ultimate pressure
Desktop system
Rotary pump is mounted on desktop compatible anti-vibration table
All metal vacuum coupling system
Thickness monitor
Microprocessor based
4 digit display with push button zero
5 times/sec. display update rate
6 MHz crystal with life-time check
Thickness range
0 - 999.9nm
Better than 0.1nm
Density range
0.50 - 30.00gm/cm3
Tooling factor range
0.25 - 8.00
Services required
100 - 120 or 200 - 240 VAC, 50/60Hz
(specify on order)
1200 VA max.
System dimensions
Width 600mm (23.6"), Depth 600mm (23.6"),
Height 360mm (14.2")
45Kg (99.5 lbs)
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